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  • How many measurements should be taken to capture the correct bite force capture?
    We recommend taking 3 bite measurements of 1 second each, with 30 second rest in between each reading. You may remove the device between each measurement. The patient should use their full bite force, ‘like a pitbull’, meaning as hard as they can, with full dentition — from molars to incisors.
  • What is the recommended disinfection protocol for the mouthpiece?
    You may use anything the FDA or Health Canada has approved as a dental device cleaning product.
  • How long does the battery last?
    The battery of the device should last for 3 days before needing to be charged. A full charge will be completed after charging for 3 hours.
  • How often is a new mouthpiece needed?
    The mouthpiece needs to be replaced after 1000 measurements. The device will notify you when the mouthpiece records 900 measurements to indicate that it is time to order a replacement mouthpiece.
  • How many boxes of mouthpiece protective sleeves come with each initial device purchase?
    Each Innobyte clinical package comes with one (1) mouthpiece and one (1) box of 100 protective sleeves. The protective sleeves are disposable and should be exchanged after every patient’s bite assessment when the mouthpiece is the cleaned. We recommend purchasing additional packages of protective sleeves at time of initial purchase.
  • Should the mouthpiece be fully sterilized in between patients using UV, autoclave, or other types of special equipment?
    Since protective covers must be used with each assessment, the device may be cleaned with the approved sterilization spray. The mouthpiece must not be sterilized or autoclaved as these processes may damage the sensors and cause equipment failure.
  • Is the Innobyte mouthpiece latex free?
    The Innobyte mouthpiece has been extensively tested for biocompatibility and complies with all necessary requirements from the FDA and Health Canada.
  • When a new mouthpiece is used, is there any type of reset that needs to be done to start the 1000 measurements over again?
    When a new mouthpiece is inserted, the device automatically resets the measurement count to zero.
  • What is the rectangular block used for on the cord and does it matter if it is closer to the device or mouthpiece when taking measurements?
    The rectangular block is an EMC filter which allows the device to stay constant without interference from other electrical elements, such as X-ray machines. It is a regulatory requirement. It is recommended to place the block closer to the device, which leaves the cord closer to the mouth lighter, allowing for a more precise bite force measurement.
  • If the patient has dentures, do they take them out or wear them to take their measurements?
    We always recommend taking the measurement the way the patient masticates. If a patient wears dentures, take the measurement with the dentures in. You may also want to take a bite force measurement with the dentures removed to help the patient understand the importance of treatment.
  • Do we take a measurement if the patient has a night guard appliance?
    You can take their measurement with and without the night guard. This can help show how the guard helps decrease an elevated overall bite force while preventing potential issues that correlate with excessive bite force.
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