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A technology that will
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The Innobyte is a bite force measuring device that is precise, reliable, and easy to use. In a few seconds, obtain an accurate measurement of the bite force of your patients.

Place the protective cover on the mouthpiece

Measure maximum bite force

Instant results


The implant-supported prosthesis radically increases the bite force of an edentulous individual.


With an adequate bite force, the lives of these patients are transformed.

The Innobyte™ quickly demonstrates the need for treatment to your patients; therefore greatly increasing the treatment acceptance rate in less time. 



The greater the bite force of a patient with grinding, clenching or bruxism issues, the greater their chances are of suffering from significant complications.

The Innobyte™ helps design the best treatment plan for your patients while reducing the risk of failures.

An accurate measurement of the bite force leads to a greater acceptance rate. Innobyte™ increases acceptance of proposed solutions by a practitioner to their patients.



The important question with regard to bite force is: How much is enough? This question can be linked to the person’s dietary choice; however,  a moderate amount is recommended for bone homeostasis.

Within an individual’s dietary choices, a clear requirement for macro and micro-nutrient-rich foods is needed to maintain a healthy diet. Although looking at the table can make your concept clear which is showing the Estimation of the maximum bite force required to break specific foods into smaller, more digestible components.

The table illustrates the estimated bite force required to break sections from a selection of 12 foods, as determined by empirical single tooth bite forces or Universal Testing machines simulating human teeth. The force required to break off sections of each food item ranges from 2 N to 95 N and depend on which tooth antagonist is doing the sectioning, and the cross-sectional area of the morsel.

Table: Required bite force to break foods

Single Tooth Bite Force Table.png

The Innobyte


Bite force measuring device.

User friendly


No extensive training necessary.

Easy integration

Measure the bite force

in less than 30 seconds.

Quick return on investment

Our clients generate on average $100,000 in additional revenue within the first year.

Better patient outcome

Providing the highest 

level of care to your patients.

What Does My Bite Force Say About Me?

This figure shows the ranges of bite forces in the general public as previously presented and as determined with the InnobyteTM.


  • The normal bite force in adults with their full dentition is between 650 and 1000N.

  • Patients with forces in the range of Normal to Excessive (1000N+) are not expected to have dietary restrictions related to their bite force. 

  • Patients presenting with a Light Deficit (400 – 650N), begin to experience difficulty or inability to chew certain foods but can maintain a healthy and balanced diet through conscious dietary choices.

  • When patients present with a Significant Deficit (200 – 400N), there is a noted inability to chew several types of foods that are needed to maintain a healthy diet (fruits and vegetables, meats, nuts, etc.) and health problems may arise that are related to diet.

  • Patients presenting with a Serious Deficit (100 – 200N) or Critical Deficit (0–100N) have limited chewing ability and can only chew foods with low strength. Frequent health problems arise that are related to a diet deficient or limited in macro- and micro-nutrients, leading to negative effects on their quality of life. These deficiencies in bite forces may be due to missing teeth, decreased musculature, mobile teeth, and or pain.

  • Restorative treatment for these issues may allow the patient to increase their bite force, thus allowing them to maintain a healthy diet and positively affect their quality of life

Bite Force Values_edited.jpg
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This high precision measuring device is over 95% accurate.



This new version has an improved battery autonomy of 4 days.



Only press one button to get a precise bite force measure

Book a 30 min demo
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