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Bite Force Measurement Device

Leading researchers and dentists use Innobyte™ 

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Simple and precise bite-force measurements

Innobyte Research Applications

Bite force disorders

Bruxism, TMD

Sleep apnea


Immediate and delayed implant loading

Restoration failures

Dentures and adhesion

Bilateral strength vs. EMG

Geriatric/elderly quality of life

Stroke or Parkinsons disease studies

Effect of malocclusion on bite force

Oral health

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Research teams using Innobyte™  

Why dental research teams use Innobyte

Bite Force Measurement Device

  • Press one button to get a precise bite force measurement in just a few seconds

  • Easy to read digital display

  • Over 95% accurate

Other devices that measure occlusal force, such as the T-scan, Teethan, GM10, FG7000, Flexiforce, Pad2, Dentoforce, Occlusence, and other gnathodynamometers do not measure human bite force in newtons (absolute force).

The Innobyte is the only gnathodynamometer for sale approved by regulatory bodies for use in a clinical setting that measures absolute force. 

Now available for online purchase!

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Are you a dentist?

The Innobyte is used by leading dentists around the world to increase treatment acceptance rates and improve treatment plans:



Device Therapies 

Read what leading dentists say about Innobyte.

Developed by leading dental researchers and practitioners 

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Dr. Alan Atlas, DMD

Penn Dental Medicine Clinical Professor - Endodontics and Restorative Dentistry and Director of Restorative Microscopy

Jocelyn Vignola DD

Ivoire Santé Dentaire Denturology

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