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Who We Are

Kube Innovation was founded in 2015 with the intention of disrupting dentistry using new biometric technology. Dentists are constantly looking for novel and individuallized approaches to effectively diagnose and treat their patients.

We are a Montreal-based business that specializes in creating cutting-edge dental technology that support dentists in their daily work. An entrepreneur with a deep interest in technology and the medical field developed the Innobyte. Before starting his own company, its creator, Frédérik Marcil, spent several years working in the aerospace industry.

Frédérik and his team put in many hours to create a reliable, precise and durable product. His perseverance paid off as Kube recently entered the United States of America and is currently going global.  

Innobyte Dental Tech

Our Mission


To empower every dentist with data to provide the best treatment to their patients using bite force measurements.

Our Vision

To improve dentistry with biometric data to provide the highest standard of care.

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Our Pillars

Management team
Our Clinical Experts
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