Clinical Cases

The Innobyte™ helps you demonstrate

the need for treatment to your patients 

Measurement: 55 year old woman

Old dentures


Deficient VDO

Old dentures


Deficient VDO

Measurement: 55 year old man

Old Dentures


Deficient VDO

New Dentures

0/4 bar

Measurement: 52 year old woman

September 2020

Temporary C/C Dentures

October 2020

Fixed Wrap Around

4 implants


F. Migneault, D.D.

Because of the Innobyte, my patients now understand why they need dental implants. 


Patients do not want to invest in the best treatment plan... until they are made aware of their problem. The Innobyte™ makes them realize in a blink of an eye.

Dr. Poitras, DMD

C. Boutet, D.D.

The Innobyte is an effective tool, which allowed me to increase of 50% the number of patients converted to implants in one year.

Dr. Parascan, DMD

With the Innobyte as a new standard, 100% of the night guards I prescribe are now purchased by my patients. 

S. Martel, D.D.

With the Innobyte™ I can easily show my patients that 200 Newtons is just not enough!

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