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Bite Force Measurement Device

Leading dentists and researchers use Innobyte™ 

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What our customers say

Leading dentists share how they use bite force measurements in their practices


Dr. Simon Oh



Measuring bite force with the Innobyte is now a key factor when developing the treatment plan. It helps me determine if a neuromodulator is necessary and provides vital information to patients about their condition.

Dr. Izchak Barzilay.jpg

Dr. Izchak Barzilay

DDS, MSc (Prostho), Cert Protho, FRDC(C)


Why not have all the occlusal force measurements at hand to help you decide on treatment. Innobyte gives the information that we have been waiting for.

Bobbi Stanley.jpg

Dr. Bobbi Stanley



We have been using the Innobyte to show patients their bite force for implants. Often times, patients feel that losing posterior teeth is fine because they do not show in the smile. When we show the decreased bite force, it is eye opening.

Benefits to Bite Force Measurements

Digital Bite Analysis with Innobyte can help:

What is Innobyte™?

Innobyte™ is a bite force measurement device designed by and for dentists.


It measures occlusal force in newtons, giving practitioners vital information about a patient's dental health. 

Dentists report that they use the Innobyte to improve their treatment planning for implants, neuromodulators, TMD treatments and more.

Dentists also use Innobyte™ to improve dental practice growth and increase dental case acceptance. Patients can clearly see their occlusal force measurement on Innobyte's digital display or on a chart that shows normal human bite force ranges. 


Bite Force Measurement Device

can help you
balance occlusion and
develop treatment plans to adjust occlusion 

How to Measure Occlusion with Innobyte

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With the Innobyte bite force meter:

  • Press one button to get a precise bite force measurement in just a few seconds

  • Easy to read digital display

  • Over 95% accurate

  • Quickly train your team how to use the device for maximum ROI

Feel good about the Innobyte Bite Force Measurement Device

The Innobyte is the only occlusal force meter / gnathodynamometer for sale approved by regulatory bodies for use in a clinical setting that measures bite in absolute force. 

Now available online!

Choose between

  • Innobyte™ — Measures overall occlusal force

  • Bilateral Innobyte™ — Measures bilateral occlusal force


Research facilities using Innobyte

Top research facilities use Innobyte to study bite force and its impact on human health

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