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Bite Force and Immediate Loading - Dr. Oh & Dr. Le

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Watch our trending dental webinar about Bite Force Measurements and Immediate Loading on Implant Cases. Did you know? A 2019 study found that immediately-loaded implants were 2.7 times more likely to fail at one-year compared to delayed-loaded implants. (Susarla, Chuang, Dodson) Occlusal overload is a potential cause of failure after immediate loading, and some practitioners have begun to address this risk through bite force measurements. (Flanagan, 2017) Being able to quantify whether somebody has a “strong bite” has been extremely useful for immediate loading full arch implants. It lets me and my patient assess immediate loading risk *before* treatment. I am able to provide options or therapy to those that may destroy the prosthesis or cause implant failure. I no longer have to wonder if the bite is strong…now I measure it with Innobyte!! - Ramsey Amin, D.D.S.

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