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Discover what Dental professionals say about our bite force measurement device Innobyte for revolutionizing their practice. Testimonials showcase the device's precision in assessing bite force, facilitating early occlusal issue diagnosis, and optimizing treatments. This innovative tool is now essential, elevating patient care and practice efficiency.


Dr. Bobbi Stanley

North Carolina,USA

We have been using the innobyte to show patients their bite for implants. It works really well for the decrease functional bite patients, especially the ones who are missing one or more molars. Often times, patients feel that losing posterior teeth are fine because they do not show in the smile. When we show the decreased bite force. It is more eye opening.

Stanley Dentistry

Dr. Izchak Barzilay

DDS, MSc (Prostho), Cert Protho, FRDC(C)
Toronto, Canada

Why not have all the occlusal force measurements at hand to help you decide on treatment. Innobyte gives information that we have been waiting for.

Prosthodontic Associates

Dr. Dan Hagi

Dental Surgeon
Ontario, Canada

I always had a need for something by which i can see how the patients' bite forces compare. Thanks to Innobyte I can do that now.

Dental Implantology Center of Excellence

Dr. Ramsey Amin

DDS, Diplomates ABOI, AAID
California, United States

Bite force capability is very important to me in my full arch dental implant practice. Being able to quantify whether somebody has a “strong bite” has been extremely useful, especially for immediate loading full arch implants. It lets me and my patient asses immediate loading risk *before* doing the treatment. I am able to provide options or therapy to those that may destroy the prosthesis or cause implant failure. I no longer have to wonder if the bite is strong…now I measure it with the Innobyte!!

Burbank Dental Implants

Dr. Elahe Behrooz

(DDS, MBA, MSc)(Prostho), FRDC(C)
Toronto, Canada

As a Prosthodontist, bite force measurement allows me to optimize my treatment planning with tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations. I now feel more comfortable with my choice of materials and prosthetic designs

Your Smile, Our Specialty

Dr. Phong Tran Cao

Las Vegas, United States.

With innobyte, talking to the patient about their problem is considerably simpler.

5 Star Dental

Dr. Yvan Poitras

Quebec, Canada

Patients do not want to invest in the best treatment plan... until they are made aware of their problem. The Innobyte™ makes them realize in a blink of an eye.

Institut Canadien d’Implantologie

Camille Boutet

St-Lambert, Quebec, Canada

The Innobyte™ is an effective tool, which allowed me to increase of 50% the number of patients converted to implants in one year.

Boutet & Boucher Denturologistes

Francis Migneault

DD, Denturist
Boucherville, QC

Because of the Innobyte™, my patients now understand why they need dental implants.

Ivoire Santé Dentaire

Markus Fischer

British Columbia, Canda

I have used the innobyte device for the past year, and it has become an essential diagnostic and treatment planning tool. Until now, it has been impossible to measure and quantify denture treatment success. The innobyte has changed all that! It allows me to measure pre and post treatment bite forces, which aids in addressing patient expectations and reviews various treatment options, including.

Fischer Denture Clinic
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